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So Where Does All That Mercury in Fish Come From? 07/22/2022

Ever wonder about where the mercury in your tuna fish comes from? Environmental health and good nutrition go hand in hand. Considering we get all of our food from the earth, it makes sense that reducing pollution and using more sustainable energy practices will keep our animal and plant food sources in good health-and us humans too.

So Where Does All That Mercury in Fish Come From? Learn where all the mercury in fish comes from, how it gets there and what it could mean for the health of you and your family.

Timeline photos 07/25/2020

Herbs are some of my favorite plants to grow. Not only are they delicious and aromatic but they are also little bundles of nutrition. Herbs have antioxidants, which protect our body's cells from damage. Mint is great for digestion and nausea. Rosemary has been linked to better brain function. And basil is packed with vitamins A and K as well as magnesium, which aids in healthy blood pressure. Just catching a whiff of these fragrant plants can brighten your mood. And who doesn't need a little mood brightening these days?

Healthy Smoothie Recipes - 6 Flavors - She Likes Food 06/15/2020

Some fun, vibrantly colorful smoothie ideas, I made the cherry beet one today-yum! Thank you

Healthy Smoothie Recipes - 6 Flavors - She Likes Food Six Healthy Smoothie Recipes! Smoothies are a great way to pack in extra fruit and veggies to your diet! Sharing favorite flavors and smoothie making tips!

Timeline photos 02/26/2020

Walking in nature has always been my happy place. It just makes me calmer, less stressed and I feel in touch with the natural world. Sometimes i jog, hike, hit the gym or do yoga. I do whatever feels best at the time and I try to keep it interesting. If you don't enjoy your exercise, you'll probably not stick with it long-term. Find the physical activity that makes you feel great, inside and out. What is your joyful movement?

Timeline photos 01/18/2020

There are so many reasons why we eat what we eat. Hunger and biological needs, culture, family tradition, holidays, because it looks/smells/tastes amazing, because it's the only thing in the house, because it's affordable, because it's nutritious, because it's comforting, etc.

For all the reasons that we eat, food should be enjoyed without guilt. Food nourishes our bodies, yes. It also engages our minds when we learn to cook a new recipe or work on our meal plan and prep for the week. And food feeds the soul in so many ways- family dinners, ice cream with your friends or feeding your baby their first solid foods.

Enjoy your food and all the ways it nourishes you! What are some of the foods that feed your soul?

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